Accepting Accountablity

Okay, so recently I came to the realization of how many people chose to play the ‘victim’ card instead of confessing to making a mistake.  We all are human, right? We make mistakes, so why waste the time blaming someone else when you can just admit to your fault? Now I know that this may not be the easiest of things to do, but who are we really fooling by pinning the problem to someone else?

Usually denying your involvement in a problematic situation doesn’t start off as a one time deal either. We don’t just come across a problem and think ‘Well, this sucks. I think that I’ll blame someone else this one time, but I’ll take responsibility for all other future conflicts.’ No, we do it the first time and then it becomes a tendency to blame everyone else. Sooner than you know it, there’s a list of poor schmucks that have been blamed for all your problems.

Now I’m not trying to say that I’ve never blamed someone else for my problems. I’m also not saying that I haven’t taken my problems out on someone else either. If I were to say that, then I would be a hypocrite. Let’s face it, we’ve all blamed someone else in one way or another. What I am trying to accomplish by writing this is to try to correct a tendency of the human race.

On the whole topic of accepting accountability, there is a difference between asking for help and downright blaming someone for the issue. When asking for help we should do our best to; identify the problem, recognize the cause, do our best to correct the situation by ourselves, and finally ask for help. The areas where we all go wrong are instead of recognizing the cause of the problem, we immediately point a finger at the guy next to us. Another area where we all go wrong is instead of trying to first correct the issue by ourselves, we just ask for help, and sometimes enable others to fix and take the blame for the problem.

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