I’ve never been a fan of meatloaf. Every meatloaf that I have ever had has either been too hard or there’s just too much stuff inside of it. Sometimes, there’s even baked goop on top of it. Ugh. It just sounds disgusting.

Today my stepmom made the best meatloaf. It wasn’t too hard and it only had green peppers and onions inside of it. Best of all, it was lacking in baked goop.

Whenever I eat meatloaf I think of that scene in ‘A Christmas Story’ where the youngest boy chants “Meatloaf, beat-loaf. I hate meatloaf!”

So, I hope you enjoyed that 🙂

The Problem With Growing Up

It has only been a few month since I’ve graduated high school and already I’m feeling stressed about everything that I need to do to get ready for college. High school does not prepare you for this at all.

Most of my problems have to deal with money. I have no idea how I’m supposed to make all of this work. I found out recently that there’s no way for me to get a raise at my current job (which I’ve worked at for 2 years). I make more than minimum, so I don’t know where to find a job that’s going to pay me more than minimum, but also more than I’m currently making.

I don’t know how I’m going to pay for rent, car insurance, school, and every other cost of living. I’m really stressed out about it. Today I spent over $200 on textbooks. That’s an entire paycheck! Why do I need to pay so much for books that I’m only going to read bits and pieces of?

I know I’ll figure something out. I have to. It actually felt really good to write about it all.

Summer Obsessions

Every summer I find a few things that I become absolutely obsessed with. Here’s just a short list of my recent obsessions and why I like them. Simple enough, right?

1. Peace Tea: In my recent attempt to kick soda out of my life, I recently came across Peace Tea. I know it isn’t the healthiest of options either, but it sure is tasty. My favorite flavors are Razzleberry Tea and Georgia Peach Tea!

2. “Say You Like Me” by We The Kings: I heard this song at Warped Tour during We The Kings’ set and now I can’t stop listening to it. It’s super upbeat and perfect for summer.

3. Ipsy: Ipsy is a monthly make-up subscription that’s only $10 a month. Although, I subscribed to Ipsy before summer started, I have even more time now to obsess over what products will be in next month’s bag.

4. Netflix: Also something that I discovered before summer started, but now I’ve been watching so much Netflix. I never thought that it was possible to finish entire seasons of television shows in just a couple of days time.

5. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion: My sister and I refer to this as “Magic Lotion.” It has the ability to turn a sunburn into a tan overnight. Seriously, it’s magic.

Well that’s all for now, folks. I’m sure I’ll find something else to obsess over, so stay tuned!

Warped Tour 2K14

For some reason this post isn’t showing…so I’m going to write it again.

If you don’t know what Warped Tour is, it is a 1-day music festival. I personally like Warped Tour, because it showcases many different genres and hosts a plethora of non-profit organizations. Also, the vendors are pretty cool.

Yesterday, I attended my fourth Warped Tour. This was probably the best Warped Tour that I have been to. All of the bands that I saw had amazing performances. To top it all off, the weather was more than favorable for standing outside all day.

The Best Performance:

The best performance that I saw was by ‘Icon For Hire’. What made them stand out was the fact that they actually interacted with the audience while they were onstage. Their set list was great, because they incorporated some of their old songs with some of the new songs off of their newest album. My favorite part of their set was when Ariel sang an acapella version of “Think I’m Sick.” And I LOVED how they capped off their show by playing “Rock ‘N Roll Thugs.”

The Best Food:

Food is probably one of the smallest parts of Warped Tour, but when you’re at a venue for more than twelve hours you have to eat. Anyway, the best thing I consumed was a ‘F’real Milkshake’. I had a strawberry milkshake and it made my taste buds explode.

Best Non-profit:

All of the non-profit tents create a great atmosphere at Warped Tour. Helping to support a fantastic cause is as easy as buying a shirt or a couple of buttons. My favorite non-profit is ‘Heart Support.’ I personally like their campaign because of how they address young people and the problems that they might be facing and the help that they can get. If you’re interested in making a difference in someone else’s life: Please look into donating to Heart Support!

I’ll definitely write some more about this year’s Warped Tour, but right now it’s time for bed!


A Luxury Haircut

So once again, I haven’t posted anything in like a week. Surprisingly I’ve been busy working and trying to maintain a social life (I know, it’s hard to believe that I have one of those). I feel like I’ve been working so much lately. Oh well, more money for me.

This post is exactly what the title suggests. Today I finally got a much needed haircut. I haven’t had a haircut since December of last year. Yeah, it’s been that long. After all that time, my hair had just gotten too long and unruly for me to handle. So, I finally caved and spent $40 to chop 4 inches off of it and to get my eyebrows waxed.

My wallet hurts a little, but my hair looks and feels a lot better. Just a little update, hope you enjoyed my rambling.

A Life Without Soda

In the past I have tried countless times to stop drinking soda. I was never really able to stick it out, because it was such a huge habit of mine to order a soda whenever I went out to a restaurant or to just grab a can of soda from the fridge after school. I never realized how much soda I was drinking until after Baja Blast Mountain Dew was available for sale at other places than Taco Bell. I have always loved Baja Blast and when it became easier to purchase it, I went a little overboard. I probably drank the equivalent of 2-3 12 packs just on my own. Yes, I am aware of how bad soda is for me, which is why I’ve decided to give it up. For good this time.

By not drinking soda, I am going to be able to limit my consumption of empty calories. I am also hoping that by cutting out soda and increasing my consumption of water, I am also going to decrease the number of crippling migraines that I have been having. Just over a year ago, I started having these horrible migraines. I would sometimes wake up with them and other times I would just get them at random times throughout the day. The pain was always centered behind my left eye and Tylenol would never help. When I have these migraines I am sensitive to light and sound, I vomit many times, I can’t stand for more than a couple of minutes, and they last for most of the day.

Earlier this year, I went to the doctor and she told me to schedule an appointment to have an MRI done, just to make sure that everything was alright with my body. The scan didn’t show anything, which completely threw me for a loop. My doctor prescribed me some blood pressure medication, which she thought would help prevent my migraines. The medicine worked for a while, but then I started having pretty bad headaches, so I stopped taking it. I was fine for a while, I didn’t have any migraines or headaches. Just recently they’ve started again. I’ve had two migraines just within the last three weeks. I’m really hoping that drinking more water will help.

I am already a week into my quest to stop drinking soda. So far, I’ve only been a little shaky from the caffeine withdrawal. I haven’t had a migraine yet, so that sounds like progress to me.

Truths About Me

These are just a list of things that I realize that I will never do.

1. I will never start my diet “tomorrow.”
– This is all do to the fact that donuts are too good and life is too short. Maybe next week is a better goal.

2. I will never put any percentage of my paycheck into my savings.
– I will most likely spend my entire paycheck within the first couple of days, because the cost of living is too high, and of course, I need another pair of shoes.

3. I will never learn another language.
– There’s not enough time in a day and I don’t have the attention span or patience.

4. I will never be excited to go to work.
– Except for maybe my last day of working.

5. I will never find a movie that scares me to death.
– No matter how many horror films I watch, I just won’t find one that’ll make me pee myself.

6. I will never be the first one to die in a horror movie.
– Going along with point #5, I have enough sense to at least turn on the light before I walk down a hallway.

7. Things will never go completely as expected.
– I need to learn how to make room for surprises and not let little things throw me off course.

8. My boyfriend will never be able read my mind.
– No matter how hard I wish that he’ll wake up with that sixth sense, I’m better off just telling him what’s on my mind.

9. I’ll never look like the girls in magazines.
– Photoshop can do wonderful things, including set a new standard for women. I however, will never be tall, thin and tan. Genetics just don’t call for it.

10. The choices that I make in life are never anybody else’s fault.
– I’m a big girl, I have to take responsibility for the things that I do…no matter how dumb they might be.

11. Writing may never make me any money.
– It’s still the only thing that brings me absolute joy, so why not dream a little more?

A Trip Down Memory Lane

So I’ve been thinking about how much has changed. Have you ever seen something that made you remember something that you said/did a long time ago? Recently, I heard an ice cream truck (Yeah, those still exist!) and I just remembered buying those candy cigarettes from the ice cream truck when I was little. Hearing the jingle of the ice cream truck had the ability to wake me from a dead sleep. Whenever I would hear it coming down the road, I would drop what I was doing and quickly run outside.

Barefoot and all, I would chase that truck nearly halfway down the street before it stopped. Most of the time one of my siblings would follow and we’d realize that neither of us had money to buy anything, so then one of us would have to run all the way back and ask one of our parents for money while the other stalled the ice cream man from leaving.

Once we had some cash in hand, we’d stare at the menu like we were choosing our last meal. We’d gaze at the board until the ice cream man would get antsy and tell us to choose already. In my mind, the decision was already made…I wanted those candy cigarettes. They could have easily been mint-flavored chalk for all I know, but I guess it was more of the image that I was after. The candy cigarettes never tasted very well, but they sure made me look cool…or so I thought.

That’s the end of my flashback.