A Trip Down Memory Lane

So I’ve been thinking about how much has changed. Have you ever seen something that made you remember something that you said/did a long time ago? Recently, I heard an ice cream truck (Yeah, those still exist!) and I just remembered buying those candy cigarettes from the ice cream truck when I was little. Hearing the jingle of the ice cream truck had the ability to wake me from a dead sleep. Whenever I would hear it coming down the road, I would drop what I was doing and quickly run outside.

Barefoot and all, I would chase that truck nearly halfway down the street before it stopped. Most of the time one of my siblings would follow and we’d realize that neither of us had money to buy anything, so then one of us would have to run all the way back and ask one of our parents for money while the other stalled the ice cream man from leaving.

Once we had some cash in hand, we’d stare at the menu like we were choosing our last meal. We’d gaze at the board until the ice cream man would get antsy and tell us to choose already. In my mind, the decision was already made…I wanted those candy cigarettes. They could have easily been mint-flavored chalk for all I know, but I guess it was more of the image that I was after. The candy cigarettes never tasted very well, but they sure made me look cool…or so I thought.

That’s the end of my flashback.

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