A Life Without Soda

In the past I have tried countless times to stop drinking soda. I was never really able to stick it out, because it was such a huge habit of mine to order a soda whenever I went out to a restaurant or to just grab a can of soda from the fridge after school. I never realized how much soda I was drinking until after Baja Blast Mountain Dew was available for sale at other places than Taco Bell. I have always loved Baja Blast and when it became easier to purchase it, I went a little overboard. I probably drank the equivalent of 2-3 12 packs just on my own. Yes, I am aware of how bad soda is for me, which is why I’ve decided to give it up. For good this time.

By not drinking soda, I am going to be able to limit my consumption of empty calories. I am also hoping that by cutting out soda and increasing my consumption of water, I am also going to decrease the number of crippling migraines that I have been having. Just over a year ago, I started having these horrible migraines. I would sometimes wake up with them and other times I would just get them at random times throughout the day. The pain was always centered behind my left eye and Tylenol would never help. When I have these migraines I am sensitive to light and sound, I vomit many times, I can’t stand for more than a couple of minutes, and they last for most of the day.

Earlier this year, I went to the doctor and she told me to schedule an appointment to have an MRI done, just to make sure that everything was alright with my body. The scan didn’t show anything, which completely threw me for a loop. My doctor prescribed me some blood pressure medication, which she thought would help prevent my migraines. The medicine worked for a while, but then I started having pretty bad headaches, so I stopped taking it. I was fine for a while, I didn’t have any migraines or headaches. Just recently they’ve started again. I’ve had two migraines just within the last three weeks. I’m really hoping that drinking more water will help.

I am already a week into my quest to stop drinking soda. So far, I’ve only been a little shaky from the caffeine withdrawal. I haven’t had a migraine yet, so that sounds like progress to me.

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