Five Things That Shouldn’t Be Posted To Facebook

1. Relationship drama

– No one needs to be involved in your baby daddy drama other than you and your partner. Plus, we all know that Facebook can break relationships. The issues that you’re having in your relationship are best handled by a good ol’ fashioned face-to-face argument.

2. Family drama

– For the same reason that relationship drama shouldn’t be posted. Your entire friends list doesn’t need to know that your aunt Helga, decided to go to rehab. If you do decide to post something involving your family’s private life, make sure that you have the consent of everyone involved. The things that you post can affect others too.

3. Drug use/alcohol abuse

-I never understood the point of taking pictures while using recreational drugs. The rest of the world doesn’t need to know how often you get drunk or use drugs. Posting a picture of yourself completely sloshed and holding up a bottle of Jameson doesn’t improve your image. In fact, it can extremely affect your future relationships and potential job offers. You know that potential employers actually look at that stuff,right?

4. Nude photos

-No one wants to see that throughout their newsfeed. Well, maybe some people do, but nude photos are best posted to websites specifically made for that XXX content. It’s really best that you don’t post those photos, but if you feel the urge to, please post responsibly. You never know who might see those.

5. Gory videos

-Posting a video of someone getting extremely injured isn’t cool. Just recently I saw a video in my newsfeed of a man being attacked by a tiger and then another video of the journalist that was beheaded. C’mon guys, show some respect.

I’m sure that I will continue with this post, but it’s getting pretty late. Goodnight all, thank you for reading!

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