Reasons To Love October

1. The Weather

-Fall is kind of like spring in the sense that it isn’t too hot, but it isn’t too cold. It’s cool enough to wear a light weight jacket outside without getting strange looks that say “Aren’t you hot?!” It’s also warm enough that you can sleep with your windows open and not have a sore throat in the morning. Not to mention, how pretty the leaves are.


-Whether it be Oreos, lattes, bread, doughnuts, coffee creamer, rolls or beer. You can find pumpkin flavored anything around this time of year. It’s interesting to see what else they’ll come out with.

3. Halloween

-Halloween is one of the best holidays. Who doesn’t enjoy being able to take on the personality and appearance of someone else? Also…candy. Lots of candy.

4. Scary Movies

-As a scary movie fanatic, I really enjoy watching all of the poorly-funded Sci-Fi movies that premiere around this time. Though most of them aren’t particularly scary, they’re still pretty entertaining. It’s also a good excuse to gather a bunch of friends to watch the newest “Sci-Fi Original”

5. Haunted Houses

-What is Halloween if we don’t pay someone to scare the pee out of us?! It’s awesome to be able to experience first-hand the craftsmanship of movie makeup. Also, it’s a great bonding experience to share with other people. People who cry together stay together, right?

So open up the windows, grab your favorite pumpkin beverage, and sit down to watch a scary movie with a bunch of your pals. October only comes once a year, so bask in it while you can.


  1. mdarst95 · October 18, 2014

    Also, football…lots of football 🙂

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