Shaking Off The Dust

It’s late. I’m tired after working for nine hours today. I have to be up relatively early tomorrow. I’m resisting my body’s every urge to just collapse onto the bed and sleep until sunrise…And why am I depriving myself of more sleep than I already have? It’s hard to explain. I have this irrepressible desire to write. I NEED to write.

I haven’t written anything other than an essay since the semester started. I used to really enjoy writing essays in high school. It was so easy for me to transform a bland topic suggestion into a compelling argument about literature. College really put me in my place. I realize that I’m not the best writer, my grammar is atrocious and my spelling usually isn’t the best. I think that my thoughts are well developed…at least most of the time. I guess my blog wouldn’t be the best example, because I write like it’s a virtual journal.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this. It feels so nice to just be able to type without direction. I need to get myself back to doing this more often. I feel the most calm when I am just sitting here and writing without fear of a grade. I’m so tired of grades. I am really glad that I have this next semester off to get my head straight. To breathe. Finally. I’m exhausted in most senses.

Until next time. Stay Golden.

One comment

  1. mdarst95 · January 14, 2015

    I’m always golden chica. Don’t work yourself to hard.

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