A Few Things That Need To Be Understood

Let me first start off this post by saying that not every girl is the same. With that being said, not every girl has the same opinion when it comes to makeup.

Let it be said, rather shouted so that this message might reach a fraction of the male population: GIRLS GENERALLY DO NOT WEAR MAKEUP FOR THE SOUL PURPOSE OF ATTRACTING MEN. Makeup is a confidence booster. It is meant to enhance and sometimes (in extreme cases) completely alter the the parts of the female body that women feel the most insecure about. And believe me, there are MANY different parts of the female body that can be enhanced/changed.

There are a few days throughout the week that I consider my “off days.” These are days when I have done very little with my hair, am wearing little to no makeup, and am probably still wearing the clothes that I slept in the night before. These are the days intended for watching Netflix and eating a bunch of junk food. I have no intention of impressing anyone or going outside for that matter. God forbid, that I have to leave the house on one of my “off days.” However, there are emergencies in which case I must leave the house in this poor condition(emergencies include but are not limited to: Running out of cheese puffs, going to the doctor, and when a friend sends a last minute invitation to meet at Waffle House).

Guys- If you should ever see a female not really looking her best, please refrain from making the following comment:

“You look tired.”

If you so choose to say this to me, do not act surprised when I so choose to slap you. Because:

1. I know that I look like crap. Thank you for pointing it out and making me feel extremely awkward.
2. I am tired. I am always tired. I could look fabulous and still be tired.
3. Didn’t your Mama ever tell you “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?

I guess what bothers me the most is that women are expected to keep up this image of flawlessness. They’re supposed to wear heavy amounts of makeup and perfect hair all the time. The truth is- every woman deserves to have an “off day” without being criticized for it. Being a female already takes an incredible amount of maintenance and expecting women to look perfect all the time, is absolutely ridiculous. Life is about embracing the things that bring you the most comfort and joy (with the exclusion of drugs and illegal activity).

Ladies- if wearing sweat pants and no makeup brings you comfort, then do it. Snide remarks from men shouldn’t be the only thing standing in your way of what makes you comfortable or brings you joy.

On a final note, let it be known that makeup truly is gender neutral. Like it or not, we live in a very forward-moving society. Gender roles need not apply anymore. Like I said, makeup is a confidence booster. If men feel confident wearing pale blue lipstick and a fully painted face, then why should they not wear it?

Do what makes you happy. Wear whatever you want to. Don’t let anyone dim your light.

The Creative Mind Is Like A Muscle

I have changed the title of this post maybe a dozen times now. I have no idea what exactly this post is going to be about, so the development of this post will be a surprise. Who doesn’t like surprises?…That was a terrible question. I don’t even like surprises. I like to know what to expect, what to prepare for. There’s been a picture that I have seen cycling through different media outlets. The quote on the picture says:

“If you found a book about your life, would you read it until the end?”

I would read the book. I would love to know ahead of time what obstacles are to come and which ones are avoidable. I don’t think that knowing everything about my life would take the joy out of it. In fact, I think that it would bring more joy. I would have the chance to avoid things that could potentially bring me pain. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I like to ‘play it safe.’

But who am I kidding? No such book exists and like everyone else, I have to embrace whatever comes. And there isn’t anything wrong with that. I know whatever mistakes that I make aren’t the only mistakes ever made on Earth. There are people experiencing the same trials that I am.

Writing is coming more easily to me now. It takes a minute for me to get started, but once I do, words just sort of ooze out of me. Ugh. Ooze is such a disgusting word, but I’m trying this new technique where I can only use the backspace button if a major spelling or grammar mistake is made. Maybe soon I’ll make a post where I don’t use the backspace button at all. The thought makes me cringe a little.

I’ve successfully written an entire post that has nothing to do with the title. My job is done here.

Later Gators.