It’s Too Cold Outside

Today we had an unexpected heat wave of 40 degrees today. It’s sad that is what is considered to be a heat wave when you live where I do…. Another depressing thought… Anchorage, Alaska is having a warmer winter than we are. Every time I step outside I almost always end up singing “Sweater Weather” in my head.

“It’s too cold for you here.”

It’s so true. We’re supposed to drop back down into the negatives this week and we’re also supposed to get about nine inches of snow. Why must we have so much snow?

I hate how much sunlight comes through my bedroom window in the morning. It always fills me with this false hope that spring has come overnight. Then, I open up the front door and sadly, I’m greeted with a gust of cold air that almost freezes my nose hairs.

Have you ever experienced frozen nose hairs? It’s not a fun time. When the temperature drops below zero and the windchill is no joke. It’s so cold that just breathing through your nose becomes a struggle and the air gives you a brain freeze.

The air literally hurts your face.

If I were a weather forecaster, I would quit. I would hate to have people blame me for the terribly cold weather.