The Reasons Why I Blog

A few moments ago, I read a blog post on about the various reasons why people blog. I couldn’t help but to ask myself the same question….Why do I blog? Here are the reasons that I came up with:

At the young age of 7 or 8, I knew that writing was something that I was good at. I was able to fabricate a two page story on paper, when most of my classmates were still struggling to write their first and last names. As a child, when I told an adult that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, they all responded with the same look of surprise like I had just told them that I wanted to be an astronaut or vampire. I found these responses to be exciting and encouraging. As a teen, I was asked multiple times what I wanted to do when I got older. I gave the same response that I gave when I was a child, but this time, the questioners were not satisfied. They would ask me what I wanted to write about and how I planned on making a living off of writing. To both questions, I would answer that I didn’t know. It seemed like everyone that I spoke to about becoming a writer had something to say to discourage me. They would tell me that I would not be able to pay bills with the money that I made from writing, and that there was no such thing as freelance writer. Truthfully, I blog to prove them all wrong. I blog so that everyone who doubted me can see that I have potential. Writing may never make me any money and that is something that I have come to terms with, but I know that I would never be happy if I did not write.

Blogging is an outlet that makes me feel like I am being heard. In real life, I am either too scared to share my ideas and inspiration, or I am surrounded by people who don’t listen.

To read the blog that inspired this post:

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