Not A Very Good Day

It’s pretty much impossible for me to have a “lazy Sunday”…In fact, I don’t have lazy days anymore. Today started off like any other. I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm. I burned my hand taking a plate out of the microwave. I got so caught up in the book that I was reading that I was late getting ready for work. I figured that I would still be able to get to work on time if I didn’t blow dry my hair after I showered. On my way out of the house, I looked in the mirror and realized that I had completely forgotten that I just recently dyed my hair purple. The purple dye in my hair stained my white work shirt. I quickly changed shirts and towel dried my hair the best that I could. I drove to work with my windows down to try to air-dry my hair, but my hair stained the shirt that I had just put on. At work I pulled my hair to the side and realized that after my shower I had forgot to put my gauges back in. I Spent my entire shift trying to hide the stains on my shirt, and also trying to hide my ears. About 30 mins before the end of my 8 hour shift, my manager asked me to stay an hour late. Right before the end of my nine hour shift, it started to rain. I had to walk through the rain, which got my hair wet and my hair stained my shirt some more.

I know that it could have been a lot worse, but I just wanted to share with everyone who wanted to laugh at my misfortune. Happy Sunday.

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