Keep dreaming your sweet lullaby.
Softly whispering your melody of peace, so swiftly do the doves fly.
Roses stay forever red and tears are always dried.
You’re too busy hiding your destruction to realize, that your reality has always been disguised.
It was masked behind your illusions, insecurities, and fears.
All you did was close your eyes, cover your ears, and pray for it all to disappear.
Little did you know, that god was too far away to hear your silent prayer.
The nightmares were all real.
They were there before your eyes.
It all took place as you clenched your fists and tried to visualize…
Visualize a better world.
A world without hate or danger.
A world without enemies and you were never called a stranger.
All of these things you pictured.
Your well thought plan of ease.
All of that time you wasted.
Those images clung to your mind like a disease.
Those images were only supposed to be used as a reference.
A stencil to map out a profound and better world,
But now those images have shattered into a saddening reminder of what the world will never be.
You tell me to be optimistic.
How could you be so blind?
How could you not see?
The world is never going to change.
That is what I call my reality.

When Are You Playing It Too Safe?

I’ve always been one to watch where I step. Shoot, I even carry band-aids in my wallet in case of emergency. I’m mostly careful about what I say around people that I know. In most cases, I say very little to people that I don’t know. So why now am I questioning what’s safe and what’s good for me?

It’s true that I have been prioritizing safety over happiness. Looking back now, I should have jumped at opportunities instead of hesitating so much. I am the one holding myself back, all because I am so damn afraid of the unexpected. I don’t like not having a plan and I don’t like the feeling that things are crumbling.

I am drowning in a pool of stagnant water and I keep taking for granted the people who keep trying to throw me lifelines. I am safe here in this pool and I don’t know what will happen if I get out. I’m exhausted from thinking so hard about this and I wish that I could just make up my mind.