Too Late Update

I have sort of taken an unexpected hiatus from my blog lately and I apologize. For a while I was doing pretty well about updating it almost every week. I guarantee that my absence has been justified.

Really the only explaination that I can give for my blogging gap is that I have been breaking down many aspects of my life while also building up others. There are a lot of things that have changed in the last couple of weeks. Most of them are good.   I think we all know how much I enjoy making lists, so I guess I’ll start with that.

  1. Matt and I broke up.

For those of you who don’t know, I had been in a relationship with Matt for about two years. I know that the breakup came as a shock for most of my friends and family. To sum up the break up, it was just that time to end things. I decided that it was finally time for me to pull my life together and I know that I wouldn’t be able to do that with him around- as mean as that sounds. There was also a lack of attention and a whole lot of unhappiness.

2. I moved in with one of my best friends and my coworker.

I cannot explain the level of appreciation that I have for Brie. She was quick from the beginning to offer me a place to stay when things were going downhill with Matt. She has been there to support me and comfort me every step of the way. She had provided such a great living space for me and I am forever grateful for her friendship.

3. I got a tattoo, or rather two tattoos.

My first tattoo was an impulse decision that I made with Megan about a month ago when we went to get frozen yogurt. Sounds strange, right? I guess to rephrase, the timing was impulsive. Megan and I had both wanted to get tattoos for a long time. It just took a frozen yogurt trip for us to coax ourselves into a tattoo shop.

For those of you wondering, my first tattoo is a Shakespeare quote. No surprise there. I decided to get “All the world’s a stage” permanently etched into my skin as a tribute for my undying love for literature. Just a few short weeks after getting my first tattoo, I decided to get another one. My second one, I decided, should be something more reflective of myself. Right under that Shakespeare quote I got a quill and ink well. I chose the quill and ink well to compliment the first tattoo, but also to show that I, myself, am a writer. Cheesy, I know.

4. I have been working A LOT.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate getting more hours at work. As we all know, more hours means more money. As a part time employee I have been scheduled for about 40 hours a week. It may not seem bad to some, but it is a lot more than what I am used to.

5. I’ve spent more time with my family.

I have received such immeasurable love and support from my family the last few weeks. It never fails to amaze me how understanding my close relatives are when it comes to the greater changes.

6. My best friend went back to school.

Megan just recently moved back go campus to start her sophomore year of college. I miss her so dearly. I’m really glad that she and I got to spend so much time together when she was on summer break. But man, I miss her.

7. I’ve been working towards my own happiness.

In the short 19 years that I have lived, I’ve spent a whole lot of time doing things for the benefit of other people. Right now, I’m doing things mainly for my own benefit. I’m living my own life and indulging in the blessing of being young. I’m living my life as intended and I am so happy to be living in the moment.

Well that’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for more frequent updates and posts.

Note- this blog post was written on my phone while I was at a tattoo shop. I greatly apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes that I have made. Any and all mistakes will be corrected as soon as I gain access to a device with a full keyboard. Thanks for reading.

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