I belong to the wind and the rain.
I’ve made my stops along the 5 o’clock train.
I’ve watched countless faces forget my name.
And to them, the storm will never sound the same.
I’ve beat the ground with my thundering roar.
I’ve pattered against windows that have never seen rain before.
I’ve broken glass and broken doors.
I’ve watched houses topple from brittle floors.
I’ve broken down barriers and crushed every sign.
I would blame the weather, but the fault is mine.

Heaven Forbid

Heaven forbid you end up alone.

In your weakest moments, you’re left on your own.

In the midst of the darkness, you begin to realize the truth.

All of your thoughts and actions reflect back onto you.

Choose your words carefully.

Paint yourself humble.

You never know, when the Earth starts to shake, all of the people around you may crumble.

It’s a painful reality.

All you wanted was proof.

Proof that those that said they would stand by you were telling the truth.

You faked your death.

Everyone knows.

And for that reason, you’re standing alone.