Your Love

Of course this is love. Or is it? 

Is your heart really in it? 

Do you think of me in times where your mind is busy? 

Or does the thought of me only come when you’re alone? 

Am I bothersome when you’re with your friends? 

Do you only like me when you’re home? 

Is your love for me in passing, like the lust in your eyes when you walk past other girls? 

Do you forge your affection for me like signature on an unwanted bill? 

I’m trying to make a connection, but all I can see is that your love doesn’t belong to me. 

Your love belongs to many. 

You could never set your eyes on one face. 

Your love never belonged at your the dinner table with my family as we said grace. 

Your love was the cheapest currency and was easily replaced. 

Your love was for the chase. 

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