Brief Intermission

Surprise. Surprise.

It’s only been a few months since I’ve posted anything….okay, It’s been about six months! I’d say that I’m pretty consistent with being inconsistent. There has got to be some kind of an award for that. If not, I’m going to make one and award myself with it.

Honestly, blogging hasn’t been the only thing I have been neglecting as of late. I’ve kind of found myself in this sort of limbo where I’m half paying attention to what’s going on around me. I haven’t been doing a whole lot with my friends, my writing or my career. I am feeling very…stagnant. At least, that is the best way that I can think to put it.

I remember when my motivation to write would come in bursts. I would be able to sit down for hours and just write anything on my mind. Now, inspiration is fleeting. There’s always that dull buzzing inside of me that tells me that I should just sit down and let the words manifest themselves. Then when I finally get the time to, I freeze up. I absently stare at blank sheets of paper or a blinking cursor. For a while I thought that I was completely dried up of the only creative outlet that I have ever really had.

The issue isn’t that the words have ever left me.

All this time I have been choosing to fixate myself on one thing or another, neglecting everything else in my life. It’s painful really. I put all of my effort into improving one aspect of my life at a time, meanwhile letting everything else suffer.

I wish that all of this was just a build-up to an announcement of some sort of miracle cure. Perhaps some sort of magical elixir to help people like me to manage life a little better. But alas, I sit here with the same empty promise of self-improvement.

We’ll see what happens.


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